The public calendar includes some key dates related to my Ultra activities. Welcome to join me.

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Other than that, my daily exercises are pretty casual and spontaneous. At a micro level, I DO NOT follow a specific training plan, in order to stay motivated and injurity free (yes, a lot of injuries resulted from following rigid training plan without listening to one's own body). At a macro level, I rely on statistics including performance metrics, race reviews and physiological measurements to understand my fitness progression (example: 2022 running review ).



Overlay running metrics from your Strava record on to nice photo to make every exercise memorable

2022 Run Log

Visualize a collection of gpx files using p5js.


My personal journey to go from an overweight person to an ultra runner. Losing 20KG, getting structured training, conducting researches and developing data tools. Now I embark on a new journey to help more people entering Ultra.

Book coming. Stay tuned.

耐力學社 IEST

Institute of Endurance Science and Technology (IEST) advocates scientifc training, rationale racing and lifelong exercising. Our vision: Every can excel in sports and career with scientific training.

2024 Plan

Finishing HK100 GrandSam + SCHK Marathon is a nice start to 2024. The effort to finish 4 races in 4 consecutive days, totaling 234K on the trails, gets me qualified for the "ultra class". 2024 is all about enabling the broader community to seek their own excellence. I will focus on releasing data visualization & analytical tools to, and drive the 耐力學社 community to promote endurance science and ultra culture. The landmark events from IEST are 10 Hour Series and GBA Culture Series. We keep on fostering a culture of open collaboration and releasing source codes on GitHub. We focus on building automation and gamification tools to enhance our social media & social network footprint. We focus on building strategic partnerships with universities, sports brands and media to scale the operations.

2023 Plan

I am fortunate to watch closely how the champions & first pack perform in a few physical races recently. Apparently, my aerobic base is far from enough. The primary goal of this year is still to strengthen the base by another 10%. At the same time, I will start structured threshold training to add buffer zone over long runs. In terms of mileage, I am turning 40K-70K level (~5% A/D) into regular routine. I prepare to do 1-2 races (not necessarily all TT), to also get better idea of temperature, humidity, terran, nutrition, hydration. Hopefully, I can start some Doubles day by EOY and get comfortable to tick 600KM in one month (not every month).